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A good divorce is possible: equitable financial settlements to enable a positive future, forward-looking parenting plans to support children's growth and connection to both parents, client-centered legal solutions that solve problems without the adversarial nature of court.  Collaborative divorce, litigation, mediation-based conflict resolution, or legal coaching toward reasonable settlements -- choose the process that meets your needs.  Offices in downtown Seattle and on Bainbridge Island to serve clients in King and Kitsap Counties. 

Divorce with Integrity

Divorce can bring out the worst in people -- including lawyers.  Leigh Noffsinger's family law practice is rooted in the belief that sound guidance from lawyers acting with integrity can keep the inevitable anger and anxiety of a divorce process in check.  Rather than allowing high emotions to derail a divorce process or escalate conflicts to court, Leigh provides a calm and supportive approach, aimed at meeting client needs and reaching equitable settlements.  With the right support, clients can emerge from divorce with renewed clarity on the things that matter most to them, and a sense of pride in having handled a life challenge with more grace than expected.  Leigh represents divorcing spouses in a number of ways:

Collaborative Law

A well-established conflict resolution process now codified in Washington statutes, collaborative law uses a team approach of specially trained professionals (lawyers, financial analysts, and mental health counselors) to provide holistic support to families in transition.  A collaborative divorce process follows a series of meetings that help spouses identify their goals and interests, and explore settlement options to meet both of their needs.  Although some collaborative cases might appear amicable or cordial, far more involve spouses working their way through difficult conflicts around parenting, division of assets, alimony, and child support.  


On a rare occasion, a divorce process does require court intervention.  Because resolving disputes without litigation requires cooperation from both spouses, sometimes a judge's decision provides the only way forward.  When necessary, Leigh can represent clients in court with a respectful and reasonable approach.  Leigh counsels clients to view court as a last resort because of the extreme financial and emotional costs that too often result.  But, when litigation becomes necessary, Leigh's varied litigation experience makes her well-equipped to provide strong advocacy in court.

Legal Coaching

Sometimes divorcing spouses have extremely limited resources for legal representation, or they have reached easy agreement on a simple division of assets.  In cases where minimal lawyer involvement is needed or wanted, Leigh can provide do-it-yourself packets and narrowly tailored services.  Consistent with her belief that clients should have access to as much or as little legal advice as they desire, Leigh will meet to answer legal questions, coach clients behind the scenes, draft documents, or review agreements reached in mediation -- all for a reasonable cost.

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