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A good divorce is possible: equitable financial settlements to enable a positive future, forward-looking parenting plans to support children's growth and connection to both parents, client-centered legal solutions that solve problems without the adversarial nature of court.  Collaborative divorce, mediation-based conflict resolution, legal coaching toward reasonable settlements.  Offices in Seattle and on Bainbridge Island to serve clients in King and Kitsap Counties. 

A better way to divorce. 

Equitable financial settlements that provide security for your future.  Parenting plans that incorporate best practices for nurturing healthy, well-adjusted children.  Creative solutions tailored to your needs and your family's situation.  Divorce negotiations that avoid the adversarial nature of court and encourage clients to stay true to their values.  My law practice specializes in collaborative divorce but I also can bring a unique focus and skill set to the more typical litigated approach, so you can reach a settlement based on values important to you.

"Collaborative" describes the professionals, not (necessarily) the divorcing spouses.

Collaborative law uses the skills of highly trained professionals to resolve the very real conflicts that arise in divorce: custody, alimony, housing, retirement.  Although some collaborative cases might appear amicable or cordial, far more involve spouses working their way through difficult conflicts that will affect the rest of their lives.  When divorcing spouses choose lawyers who share the same values and abide by the same ethical protocols while helping families in transition, collateral damage can be avoided, fees and costs can be minimized, and the best outcome for all can result.

You can schedule an appointment using the button above, or contact me with any questions.  I have offices on the Bainbridge Island waterfront and in downtown Seattle.  Initial 30-minute consultations with both spouses to explore divorce process options are free of charge.  

You also can learn more about our practice group of experienced divorce professionals through the Washington Collaborative Divorce website,

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